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AI*IA can be subscribed individually or through an organization membership (applies to both public bodies and industries). Special rates are reserved to students and members of sister societies (AICAAILAGIRPRGULP SIREN). Payment of the annual fee subscribes the member until June the 30th following the date of payment. It is also possible to subscribe with a triennial fee, which subscribes the member until June the 30th of the third year following the payment date.

With their subscription, the member accepts an implicit sharing of the Association aims and goals and they commit to contribute to their achievement within the scope of the norms cointained in the AI*IA Statute.

In the following, you can select you membership type and complete the payment of the associated fee.

Membership Types

New Member

Enter fee for new members (individual)

1 year -45,00 €
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3 years -125,00 €
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Special fare for members of the following sister societies:


1 year -36,00 €
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3 years -100,00 €
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Annual fee for students currently enrolled in school or university programmes

1 year -20,00 €
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Organization membership for public, private and industrial bodies

(Entitles for 10 individual memberships and 1 free ticket to the annual event)

1 year -500,00 €
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Payment can be performed by various means, including Paypal and Credit Cards. Fees can also be wired on the Association bank account whose details are here.